The magazine is officially up and running. First three stories went up today as an ‘Inagural Edition’ so that you the reader can get a sense of what it’s all about.

So here’s some things to know about Roar and Thunder:

  • A new story will go up ever 10 days or so (aiming for the 1st, 10th and 20th of each month).
  • On the front page you will see the 4 newest stories, with a short blurb for each one to give you an idea of the tone of the story and roughly what it’s about.
  • Click the title to read it online, or to access a link for the story via which you can pay a dollar AUS to down-load it for your eReader or as a printable PDF. (Not available just yet but will be very soon.)
  • Mostly the stories will be in print but occasional podcasts will liven things up.

So that’s Roar and Thunder!¬† Enjoy the reads and if you’d like to comment or let me know about any issues with the site, please comment on one of these posts.


Being a writer myself, I know that a lot of writers have stories that don’t quite fit existing markets and the spark for starting Roar and Thunder was wanting to give those stories a home.

I also know there are 3 things a writer hopes for when submitting stories:

  • You hope the story gets accepted.
  • If it does you’d love to be paid for it.
  • If it doesn’t then you’d like some feedback on it.

So that is what this magazine hopes to do.

For my own satisfaction I’m hoping to harness electronic publishing so Roar and Thunder isn’t just an imitation of a paper magazine, and eventually I’d like to be able to offer a decent pay rate for your stories!

In my next post I’ll give an overview of what you can expect to see and hopefully you’ll be able to see the inaugural ‘edition’.

The journey begins

Welcome to Roar And Thunder!

In a few weeks this contribution to the world of speculative fiction publishing will be up and running. Exciting for me, as it’s been something of a winding road getting to this point.

Once the magazine is up, the editorial mutterings will continue here so stay tuned for news, reflections and comments about all things Roar And Thunder.

In the next post, I will outline the Roar And Thunder ‘manifesto’ so check back and check it out if you want to learn what it’s all about (aside from wonderful spec fic short stories of course!).

– Editor M