The fate of all magazines…

It’s with some sadness that I am announcing I’ll be closing Roar and Thunder soon. It’s been hard to fit the magazine around other aspects of life over the past 5 years, but I’ve loved it and some wonderful stories have graced the pages.

There is at least one more tale to come before we’re completely done, but the mag is now closed to submissions.


A bad end to 2014 for the magazine

Due to a number of factors in life beyond the pages of Roar and Thunder, your editor wasn’t able to maintain the magazine for a couple of months there.

As 2015 begins, I am considering what to do to keep the mag going and to make it a reliably maintained concern. For now, I have a couple of great stories to put up, but I will keep you posted on any likely changes ahead.

For authors waiting to hear back on a story, I’m sorry for the delays and thank you for being so patient.

A resolution for 2014 here at Roar and Thunder!

Well, as you probably noticed there has been another gap in the publishing schedule during December.  2013 was the year of prolonged and annoying illnesses for Editor M.  Which has – on the upside – proved the need for some more robust processes!

So, 2014 will be the year of not-one schedule break! There. It’s on the internet so it must be true.   🙂    Seriously though, that’s a promise for this year.

Hope all our readers and contributors have a wonderful year.

Short hiatus

Just a note to let everyone know that there won’t be a 20th Sept story. The proper, regular schedule will return with October 1st.

We are still open for submissions, but there may be an 8-10 week turn around for another month or so. Apologies for that, but unfortunately cannot be avoided just now.

– Editor M.